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Custom Leather Lever Wrap for Lever-Action Rifles
By Palo Verde Gunworks
Wide and Flat to match the back of your fingers!
Custom fitted for your rifle.

Available for these rifle models:
LWW73 - 1866 & 1873 Winchester & Uberti, 1860 Henry
LWM94 - Marlin 1894, 444, and 336
LWR92 - 1892 Winchester, Rossi, EMF, Uberti, Puma & Chiapa 92
LWW94 - 94, 1894 Winchester and reproductions
LWHBB - Henry Big Boy, Golden Boy, 45-70

Contains: Four-Piece Leather Lever Wrap, Lacing, Two lace needles, and a DVD of Installation Instructions.

Price ------------------- $39.95
Shipping -----------------$5.00


Front Sight Polish Kit
By Palo Verde Gunworks
Shines your Front Sight to make it quick
for the eye and more visible in dim light.

Contains:  Double Sided Leather Faced Polishing Stick, Polishing Compound, Zip Seal Vinyl Storage Bag & Instructions.

Price ------------------- $9.95
Shipping -----------------$5.00

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