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Whisper Spring Kit


(Spring Comparison Photos)

Currently in order to benefit from action work on one of the link type lever rifles the gunsmith or user of the rifle must grind the existing springs to thin and/or narrow them to achieve a lighter action. Additionally some shooters leave the mounting screws loose to further lighten the action. Not a good condition to say the least.

The Whisper Spring kit is a direct replacement for the heavy stock lever and lifter springs found in the toggle link rifles

No need to hand grind stock springs
No need to leave mounting screws loose
Eliminates gouged lever and lifter cam surfaces

The Whisper Springs are wire formed springs and may be adjusted by bending to give more or less pressure on the components. The naturally rounded form of the wire will not dig into the cam surfaces of the lever or lifter.

If not satisfied for any reason return for full refund


$38.00 Set  Shipping $5.00

Showing the old springs installed and the new spring installed

springinst2 springinst1

CAD drawing of Whisper Spring Kit


Replaces rough thread screws usually found in the imported rifles

Screws are toughened and blued and the threads are finely cut.
Thread size is #6-40 tpi.
Pricing is $7.00 / pair

Shipping is $5.00 via U.S. Mail
Shipped free if sent with the Spring Kit.

For Whisper Spring Installation Instructions
Click Here

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